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It is a dazzling springtime display. Bright white and the palest pink blossoms emerge mid-May on the branches of Door County’s many cherry trees. On a recent trip to Door County, after a quick check of several cherry orchards, we found one that has some of the earliest blooms. Nestled mid-peninsula, Meleddy Cherry Orchard is located south of Sturgeon Bay near Forestville. And this is what we saw: a sea of white petals glowing in the later afternoon sun.

Door County is famous for beautiful water, long shorelines, state parks, quaint villages, goats on the roof, fish boils and cherry orchards. The trees shine bright white with blossoms in the spring, and the cherries hang heavy from the branches mid-summer. I’ve lived in and visited Door County for decades, but this was the first time I made a point to stop and “smell the flowers.” Worth it!

The cherry blossoms at Meleddy Cherry Orchard. May 5, 2024

When should you expect the blossoms?

We did a little research before heading out to see the blossoms. Visit Door County has a “Cherry Blossom Report” you can check. (typically Mid-May) To get more specific information, I suggest Facebook. Many of the orchards will give daily updates on the state of their own cherry blossoms. According to Meleddy Cherry Orchard‘s Facebook page, their blooms were popping! Located near Forestville, Meleddy is just a quick detour off the main highway. Seaquist Orchards also gives regular updates on their Facebook page. At this writing, the southern orchards are ready and the northern ones should be by the weekend.

Orchard etiquette

Meleddy welcomes visitors to view the blossoms from the perimeter of the orchard. Seaquist has 1300 acres of orchards from Sturgeon Bay to Sister Bay and offers maps to guide you on a beautiful scenic drive or bike ride. The owners invite you to go right into their orchards as long as you are respectful of the trees and land.

Door County Cherry orchards are a big deal

If you’re looking, you can’t miss the vast number of cherry trees growing in Door County. You’ll spot them all along the highway on your way to your destination. According to the WI Department of Ag, Wisconsin’s cherry growers produced 12.9 million pounds in 2022, ranking fourth in the nation. Most of that is concentrated in Door County.

When to return for cherry picking season

While the Door County cherry blossoms are something to behold, it’s the fruit that causes visitors to flock to the county. Mid-summer is when you want to visit. Door County cherries are typically ripe between the middle of July and the middle of August. Get your tart cherries by the basketful! It’s a fun activity to do with the whole family or a peaceful time in the orchard to enjoy by yourself.

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